The Return of the War Room

Feature Documentary

The Return of the War Room, 2008, 82 minutes. Commissioned by the Sundance Channel to air just before the 2008 US elections. Edited by Aaron Soffin.

Released on the fifteenth anniversary of the original Oscar-nominated film The War Room, the original team of George Stephanopoulos and James Carville take us on a journey back to 1992 when a Governor named Bill from Arkansas decided to take a chance on running for President. Current interviews alongside older footage create an exciting drama, and prove that a few dedicated minds can change politics. It’s no surprise that Hegedus and Pennebaker have released this film now, given the parallels to the current political environment. As the chief Clinton strategists, whom still talk daily, reminisce about the creativity, emotion and passion that drove their campaign, the film brings hope to anyone who feels strongly about America’s leaders. James Carville and staunch republican Mary Matalin reminisce about the beginnings of their relationship – proving that not even major political differences can come in the way of love.